"A therapeutic approach to food is to view it as medicine for the body — restore balance, heal and produce vitality."



The Functional GI Dietitian

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Alicia Galvin MEd, RD, LD, CLT has practiced in the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 2010 with an emphasis on GI health, therapeutic diets, wellness, and autoimmunity. She has always had a fascination with the way food and nutrition influence health and currently practices as an integrative and functional dietitian who helps patients develop customized solutions that empower them to take control of their health challenges.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences from Texas A&M University, Alicia s early career was spent in an inpatient setting at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas and then delivering in-home nutrition care with Bioscript Infusion. She later earned a Master of Education in Counseling from the University of North Texas and completed her Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP) certification with the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy. She is also a Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT) with a specialty in food sensitivities and chronic inflammatory conditions.

At the private practice she founded in 2013, Alicia has a keen interest in gastrointestinal (GI) diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. She also works with patients with autoimmune conditions, including autoimmune thyroid disease, as well as infertility, developing therapeutic diets to manage and address these conditions.

Alicia's wide-ranging expertise gives her a unique perspective on evaluating patients'  health — both physical and emotional and developing the best eating plan and nutritional supplementation to help them achieve optimal wellness. In addition to identifying food triggers of inflammation, Alicia guides people in modifying their diet, creates recipes and meal plans, and provides nutritional education in both individual and class settings.

Having previously served as a Nutrition Entrepreneur Mentor Coordinator for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Alicia continues to mentor her colleagues in various outlets. Alicia has also mentored multiple dietetic interns in her practice, as she feels educating the future dietitians is critical to the furthering of the profession!


  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Dallas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group
  • Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine — Nominating Committee Chair 2019 - 2020
  • Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy — Mentoring Leader
  • Sovereign Laboratories Resident Nutrition Expert Advisor
  • Nutrition Entrepreneurs — Mentor Coordinator 2015 - 2017

Need a speaker?

Alicia is known as a thought leader in functional nutrition and an influencer 
among brands and dietetics academies. Her wide range of expertise and
knowledge have helped hundreds of patients regain their health and joy. Alica
has the skills to turn complicated scientific information into relatable,
applicable tools for the audience s everyday life. And her ability to present
science-based talks fueled with her passion for people and nutrition makes her
the ideal candidate to speak at events such as health and wellness workshops,
lunch-and-learns, as well as national seminars.


She is also available for keynotes, company workshops, webinars, conferences 
and general sessions.